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We Educate Our Clients

Explore the expertise of a Professional Home Inspector at Owl Inspections in Tampa, FL. As a Certified Residential Property Inspector, I ensure you understand your home's workings and maintenance. Our Residential Inspection Services guarantee a healthy home. From top-notch energy efficiency to Real Estate Inspection insights, we're your local choice. Discover a better living with Owl Inspections. Top Home Inspection in town.


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Certified Home Inspector Michael Richards

About Your Home Inspector

My name is Michael Richards, and I am the founder and lead home inspector at Owl Inspections LLC. With a strong background in financial services and insurance, I bring a unique perspective to the home inspection process. I've spent several years working in residential repairs and remodeling, gaining hands-on experience and an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of homes.


I am passionate about helping clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market and ensuring that they have all the information they need to make confident decisions. I firmly believe that a thorough and detailed home inspection is the foundation of a successful real estate transaction.

What We Inspect and Why

Trust the expertise of Owl Inspections, your Professional Home Inspector. Our Certified Residential Property Inspector ensures a thorough assessment. We offer top-notch Residential Inspection Services in Tampa, FL, providing peace of mind for your investment. A home inspection is vital when purchasing a property, as defects might not be obvious to a buyer. As the top choice for Real Estate and Local Home Inspection, we uncover everything from minor fixes to significant safety concerns, ensuring informed decisions.

  1. Interior, exterior, walls, windows, and doors

  2. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

  3. Basement, crawlspace, and structure

  4. Fireplace

  5. Roof and attic

  6. Electrical

  7. Plumbing

House components
Tips for Homebuyers

Tips for Homebuyers

Download our free booklet for expert tips on a seamless real estate transaction. Our InterNACHI® Certified Professional Home Inspector at Owl Inspections ensures a smoother process. Gain insights from a Certified Residential Property Inspector.


Enhance your experience with top Residential Inspection Services by Owl Inspections. Trust the local leaders for Top Home Inspection and Real Estate Inspection in Tampa, FL.


Get started now with the Local Home Inspection experts.

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Ordering a home inspection with Owl Inspections was a positive experience. Michael made the process quick and easy. He was very responsive, thorough, answered all my questions initially and for follow-up. I received a very timely detailed inspection report that included a four point, and wind mitigation. This made it easier when I was buying my home and shopping for homeowners insurance
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